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"Great product. Finally managed to get my seats done last week. Told friend bout it and require another set of Leatherique. Will pick up next few days. Cheers." - BMW E90 owner.

"I tried it over the Christmas holidays and very pleased with the result. The amount of dirt on cloth when using cleaner is surprising bcos i clean my car seats once a month with other leather cleaner and conditioner. There wasn't any noticeable dirt on the cloth the last time I cleaned the seats a month ago. Leather now feels new after treatment, ie. doesn't have that shiny look, feels more supple and bum no longer slides around easily on seat. good stuff" - erica34 (BMW Malaysia Club Official Member).

Like most people, I thought my seats were clean, or at least looked clean. I was surprised at how much dirts that came from the two front seats. The seats look brighter now. The leather feels softer and less shiny. No more slippery seats

There are some 'new leather' smells in the car. Some hairline cracks at the two front seats disappeared.


Cougar9 (MyBenz Club Member)
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