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LYX Leather Food

Known world wide for its ability to soften even cardboard hard leather. It is a complex blend of animal proteins, collagens, with absolutely no oil fillers of any kind. It sourced from bovine's extraction.

Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil being described as "Simply the Best" for leather by the Rolls Royce Owners Club of USA, since 1968. This is the original formula; a patented, pH-corrected blend of natural oils, fats and Collagen to nourish and maintain healthy leather, restore luxurious suppleness and add new life to tired leather.

Our formulation will restore cardboard-hard leather. It does not contain greasy oils or watery fillers, waxes, silicones, or mineral oils. Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil deeply conditions and softens your leather while bringing ingrained dirt from inside to the surface. Our product is not a surface dressing but treats the full depth of the leather. It is a pleasure to use and gives unsurpassed results.

Absolutely the best cleaner available for all fine leather, it contains a conditioner which cleans and conditions leather.
Use to clean leather after the application of Rejuvenator Oil has done its job and as a maintenance cleaner and detailer on an as needed basis. This product is an pH-corrected leather cleaner and conditioner for leather, vinyl and rubber.

Leatherique Prestine Clean does not contain any harsh chemicals to dry and destroy fine leathers. Nor does it contain silicones. It leaves the surface with a low sheen, but not glossy surface.

Leatherique Leather Maintenance Product is the preferred choice of museums, restoration, car detailing saloon and do-it-yourself enthusiasts.